The Writings of Diane Woerner


How to Read the Bible for the First Time

A few years ago I decided to write a small book specifically for people who had little or no idea about how the Bible was constructed or what it contained. I purposely kept my style simple enough to be understood by all varieties of Bible beginners, at the same time endeavoring to communicate my enthusiasm for God’s word.

This book is actually available in print form. It’s pocket-sized and easy to read, and is an excellent tool in any ministry context. To learn more of the story behind the book visit

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Dear Young Single Christian

This book actually began as an open letter, written to the increasing number of young Christians who are struggling with their desire to marry but who are unable to find the right person. I posted the letter on a website, and followed it with a series of responses to questions I received.

I have since expanded this conversation into a full-length book. The book is written in a somewhat weightier style, and systematically examines the underlying principles which characterize what I believe to be God’s design for masculinity and femininity. For this reason it should be of value to anyone, married or single, who is not satisfied with the present cultural views of marriage and sexuality.

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