An Open Letter to My Sisters in Christ (2019)


The topic of women in church leadership has been considered from many different angles and with variety of conclusions. Nevertheless, I have a few rather unique thoughts to add to the conversation that I believe may provide some helpful clarity.


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Of Single Importance (2018)


As the single life now seems completely normal in our society, I think it's important to ask not only why this "new normal" has arrived, but also to consider if it's actually a good thing. Note: This writing was originally published in the 2018 November/December edition of Touchstone Magazine.

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Seven Qualities of Authentic Church Leadership (2017)


Leadership abuses seem to be mounting in frequency and increasing in damage, in large part because of a drift from the clear teachings of Scripture. In 2 Corinthians, Paul describes (and models) some very specific qualities of healthy leadership.



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If My People? (2017)


Given our troubling times, many are calling for spiritual renewal and revival as a way to counter the strong forces of apathy and apostasy. One such effort on a national level is a call to corporate prayer known as "Awaken the Dawn." These are my thoughts regarding the scriptural support for this or any similar endeavor.



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How To Face Fearful Days (2015)


There is much conversation these days concerning how we as Christians are to respond to our increasing insecurity in the world. I have found in Scripture some important guidelines which have given me a real measure of peace.


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“Follow Me” (2010)


Some years ago I discovered a three-fold pattern which characterizes the cost of following Jesus. It’s fairly easy to say we must “take up our cross,” since that is a vague and unspecific image. But God actually calls us to some very real sorts of daily dying. 


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Why Jesus Chose the Woman at the Well (2008)


All my life I’ve been taught that this woman was immoral, and when Jesus put His finger on her marital status she immediately tried to change the subject. However, a closer examination of this Scripture has brought me to a different conclusion.


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Why Does God Let Us Suffer? (2009)


The reality of suffering can present a severe challenge to our faith. I have found that looking for God’s purposes in our pain provides a significant source of comfort.


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An Undivided Heart (2002)


The more I read Scripture, the more I am persuaded that one of the most dangerous traps our enemy sets for us is the temptation to give God only part of our attention and time. This essay examines some of the many passages I found regarding the importance of having an undivided heart.


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The Necessity of Works (2003)


In this companion essay to “The Undivided Heart,” I trace another strong message of the Bible, which is that intentions are never sufficient for a true follower of Christ. Rather, His life in us will bear fruit—or we must question whether His life is there at all.


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Reconciliation (1999)


One of the things we were told by the men whose leadership abuses prompted us to leave their church in 1999 was that God required us to be reconciled to them. Curious to know if they were right, I (as usual) checked the Scriptures. Here is what I learned.


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Authority in the Church (1999)


Another more lengthy study was also prompted by this experience of mishandled church leadership. With the help of my husband, I scoured the Scriptures to learn God’s perspective on the nature of proper authority. We then shared this document with others in the church who were wrestling with the same concerns.


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Binding and Loosing (1994)


I was prompted to do this study in response to the rather doubtful “binding” of Satan by modern charismatics. While the full meaning of binding and loosing remains a mystery, I have proposed an interpretation which I think has credibility.


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An Inquiry into Christian Baptism (2000)


After leaving the charismatic world, we joined a church that practiced infant baptism. Somehow their rationale for this tradition didn’t quite persuade me. . .so once again, I examined God’s Word “to find out whether these things were so.”


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Devotionals (2013)


As part of a team of writers from our current church congregation, I was assigned ten different Scripture passages relating to the life and ministry of Christ to be used as daily devotionals throughout the year.



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Devotionals (2014)


This year I was assigned some challenging topics, including suffering and sacrifice.



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Devotionals (2015)


My passages this year seemed to carry the theme of how God's glory becomes visible to us and in us.



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