How to Read the Bible for the First Time (2008)


This small book was specifically written for people who have little or no idea about how the Bible is constructed or what it contains. I have purposely kept my style simple enough to be understood by all varieties of Bible beginners, at the same time endeavoring to communicate my enthusiasm for God’s Word.



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Dear Young Single Christian (2009)


This book began as an open letter written to the increasing number of young Christians who are struggling with their desire to marry but who are unable to find the right person. I posted the letter on a website and followed it with a series of responses to questions I received.


I expanded that conversation into a full-length book in which I examine the underlying principles that characterize what I believe to be God’s design for masculinity and femininity. For this reason it should be of value to anyone, married or single, who is not satisfied with the present cultural views of marriage and sexuality.



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Echoes From Eden - The Lost Glory (2015)


I have been pondering the nature of masculinity and femininity for over four decades, and I finally decided to gather my thoughts into one paper. This document has been published in the January/February 2017 edition of Touchstone Magazine, under the title "The Heart of Paradise."


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Profile of God (1995)


If you have ever stared at those patterned pages and suddenly discovered a picture hidden in the colors and shapes, you’ll understand my experience some years ago while reading the book of 1 Samuel. Woven into the familiar stories I began to see a fascinating portrayal of the personality of God. This writing is my attempt to communicate what I found.


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The Approaching Day (2010)


God recently stirred my heart to examine the Scriptures regarding the end times. As I obeyed, this topic which so often has generated great confusion became surprisingly clear and compelling.


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Chasing God – Destiny or Delusion? (2000)


God in His wisdom allowed me to spend the first forty years of my life in predominantly charismatic churches. It happened that at the same time I was leaving the charismatic world, a book called The God Chasers became very popular among charismatics. It provided a helpful platform to discuss what I consider to be some of the significant dangers inherent in modern charismatic teachings.



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The Freedom of Christian Womanhood (1978)


In the early '70s I was given a full scholarship to attend a liberal divinity school. After successfully completing my classwork for a master’s degree, God impressed upon me the assignment of writing my thesis on the topic of feminism. Knowing the dramatic differences between my views and those of my professors, I nonetheless tried to span the gap between us in my examination of the issues.


While I was ultimately unsuccessful in that effort (to the extent they denied me my degree), nevertheless my research began what has become a lifetime quest to understand the glories and intricacies of femininity and masculinity. Because this paper was written for liberal scholars who did not consider Scripture to be authoritative, it has fewer direct biblical references than most of my writings.


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Meditations (2009-2010)


As I read through the Scriptures I am continually learning more about God’s nature, His purposes and His requirements. This is a collection of some of my discoveries.


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